xfinam is a strategic financial consulting firm that brings together experts from both the IT solutions and technology finance worlds to architect custom, highly effective deal structures to enable companies to deploy innovation while protecting financial objectives.

Get to YES faster

Your solutions require budgets to make them happen. We help you architect a financial strategy your customer can sign off on.

Technology Lifecycle Financing

Technology is an endless series of moves, adds & changes. Each of these events has a financial and often regulatory impact; our solutions consider all these factors.

Eliminate Roadblocks

Innovation requires change and budget.  We find ways to make change possible and minimize the financial impact to move forward.


Our team grew up in the technology reseller, distribution, global outsource & IT finance community, with over  100 years … oh never mind how old we are, it’s a lot of experience, trust us!  We’ve held sales, technical, management and executive roles in all those organizations, so we understand the challenges you face.


xfinam has developed a comprehensive, flexible set of programs that provide your customers with a multitude of
financial options to implement technology innovations now, not later.  Later, they’re not so innovative….

Path to New Solutions

Is your client ready to deploy new technologies, or upgrade legacy systems? xfinam takes a holistic approach to leveraging what’s there now, for what they want to deploy tomorrow.

Path to Managed Services

Congrats! Your managed service offering is exactly what the client needs and wants.  While you’re planning the project scope, let us provide a financial blueprint to leverage their existing IT assets and optimize support and service contracts throughout the migration cycle, and then ensure a responsible, complete disposition as equipment is phased out.

Path to the Cloud

There are lots of ways to help your clients realize life in the cloud – we’ll let you design the rocket to get them there, we’ll supply the fuel.  Leveraging existing assets to mitigate initial consulting and migration costs, we’ll create a financial flight plan that takes everything into consideration.

Path to Financial Confidence

In 2019, companies will be faced with substantial accounting rules changes regarding leased assets – both IT and non-IT.  We provide independent, consultative reviews to help customers understand exactly what impact these changes will have and how we can help mitigate those impacts by making changes ahead of schedule.


xfinam provides your team the knowledge and tools to ensure the customer ALWAYS has funding options
that enable them to expedite project timelines and move forward faster.

If you’re only putting a “sales” price on the table,
you risk looking like everyone else.

We give your team the confidence to ask the right questions – EARLY – to understand the client’s financial strategy.
Together, we’ll create a financial solution that meets their objectives, and accelerates decision making.

Learn to Speak CFO

Create relevancy with the CFO and finance departments

Know your options

Pre-emptively address budget limitations

Hidden Roadblocks Averted

Overcome & leverage Book Value vs. Actual Value objections

Turn 'do nothing' into 'act now'

Enable “Install Now/Pay Later” project implementations

Consumption based payments

Compete with, and for, cloud, managed, and “as a Service” models

Leverage strength of Master Finance Agreements

Consolidate all active projects into a single transaction – regardless of providers


Keep your team focused on business & technology innovation.  We provide the financial strategies to enable those transformations.  Together, it’s a total package.


Every customer has their own set of financial goals and challenges to meet.  Low rates alone don’t solve those issues, intelligent deal structures do.
Our ability to match costs to consumption, bridge gaps in existing asset leases and project schedules, and create all-inclusive term schedules are
unique to the industry, and game changing for you.

Multi-vendor, multi-platform

Let’s face it, no IT vendor has all the answers, and solutions are layered with multiple providers. Unlike OEM finance programs, we capitalize on the long term value of each piece of your solution, regardless of vendor or platform.

Professional Servcies

Successful projects depend on highly skilled service providers to scope & deploy new solutions.  We leverage existing assets and creative funding structures so your clients can wrap these costs into an affordable finance solution.

Moves, Adds & Changes

Clients need financial solutions to flex with asset changes.  Our “no-surprises” approach manages not just the cost of change, but the entire process – procurement, logistics, data erasure, and more.

IT Asset Disposition

We have innovative solutions for keeping ITAD green & regulatory compliant. Retired assets still have a long, productive life out there, and we value that.

Credit is Key

And we know where to get it.  No matter what economic cycle your client is in – from startup through maturation, private to public, we will be your advocate to get the best terms for the opportunity.

Software Matters

We all know software rules the world.  That’s why we help customers deploy quickly, and provide finance options to let them spread implementation costs across the lifecycle of the license agreement.

Edge Devices

Data is the lifeblood of applications, and the devices that gather data are a critical part of new technologies.  So bring us your drones, your phones, and tablets, too – we’ll pull them all together as part of the deal.

IT Asset Management

This is not your grandmother’s ITAM.  Serial numbers come and go, and your support & maintenance options should be right-sized to free up budgets.

Finance 'as a Service'

As technology moves to IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, and more, customers want a payment model where costs match consumption.

Go Global

xfinam can provide seamless, comprehensive financial solutions for multi-national deployments worldwide – including all soft costs, taxes, and logistics.


“XfinAM has a unique value proposition to offer in a space where we traditionally struggled to add value.”
Global IT Services Provider
“What most IaaS providers do not have is anyone like you all that will help us stay in control, engaged and keep things moving in these larger/more complex deals.”
Large Managed Services Provider
“By 2020, IDC predicts that enterprise spending on cloud services, the hardware and software to support cloud services, and the services for implementing and managing cloud services will exceed $500 billion, more than three times what it is today.”
In the Robert Half Management Resources survey, 41 percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) said staying current with changing technology is the greatest pressure facing their accounting and finance teams. Meeting regulatory compliance mandates followed at 24 percent.
Robert Half Management Resources
“CFOs have a significantly lower view of IT’s ability to meet upcoming challenges than CEOs, suggesting that CIOs have not done enough to demonstrate the impact of IT investments on financial and business metrics.”